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You're a high-achieving woman usually so good at starting something -- and then seeing it through.

So it is confusing when you feel a little ... stuck.


Maybe you’ve hit a roadblock in your business, or perhaps you've been unable to move forward with starting your book (or finishing it).


You know you're ready to move beyond where you're currently at -- but you're stuck as to how to make that happen.


You might find these words rolling off your tongue ... "I'm feeling blocked and not sure what to do next. Something is not quite right. I feel I'm in limbo. I feel that something is paused". 

And what's for sure is that you don't have the time or the luxury to keep dragging your heels. 


You're ready to get going:


+ You can't seem to start -- or finish -- that book that you've been talking about writing (perhaps you have a deadline to meet, and your book contract timeline holds no punches for late delivery).


+ Your bank account is dwindling (and you can only dip into your savings/retirement for so many months).


+ Your audience is super eager for that thing you’ve been mentioning on social … for awhile now.


Or maybe you’re just really ready to stop putting off until “one day” the Big Important Work, like writing your story, that deep down, you know that you’re here to do.


In other words, you're at a crossroads.

I get it.


I've seen this first-hand with the hundreds of women that I've worked with through 1:1 sessions, my popular online Lunar Abundance program (with 350+ graduates), and in-person retreats + events.

Here's the thing. What consistently holds back high-achieving women is actually not that they don't have the resources or ideas or capability to do what they want to do. 

It's their subconscious blocks.

These blocks are usually hidden. They can be subtle. Subversive.

But the great news? We can bust them, together. Fast.

I'm Ezzie Spencer PhD -- an authorbusiness owner and catalyst for transformation -- and in addition to helping others, I have my own hard-won wisdom of moving through my own blocks.

I also understand that business is not a linear journey, and neither is writing a book.

There will be times when you will be side-swiped by emotions, and need a guide to help you get back on track (because you don’t have time to not be doing what you need to be doing to move forward).


Many people think that finding and releasing deep blocks has to be painful.


If you’re into personal development, you may be thinking that you need to sign up for a multi-month coaching package, or therapy, or spiritual healing with a suite of modalities.... (Maybe you've even heard about those weekend wailing workshops that have you "processing" for weeks!) 

But what if it didn’t actually need to be like that?


What if we could move through your blocks in a swift and sensitive way?


What if the process was infused with JOY rather than misery?


What if I could charm your shadows gently, and quickly into the light – so you simply get unstuck?


Ezzie quickly and playfully illuminated the blocks I wasn’t even aware of, helping me dive beneath the surface and get to the root of my stuckness.

In 90 minutes, I had a roadmap to deliver my book on time, and in its highest expression (which was something I didn’t even know that I needed), and I was able to tap into and release my deepest and darkest fear, which was hijacking my flow in the creative process.
— Amber Rae, Author + Speaker,

Imagine yourself back in flow, fast:


+ Feeling calm and relieved, with a clear path forward.


+ Inspired and confident to take the next steps to create your best work.


+ And in the days following our session: perhaps you are writing thousands of words, nailing your message, building out your revised strategic marketing plan, or crafting your next soul project.


Other people will beg to know your secret.


Especially when they see how much better you understand yourself.

I'm committed to your deep transformation.


My deeply feminine process taps into the soft power of intuition, with a respect for your intellect.


Before becoming an author, I was a lawyer (my PhD is in therapeutic jurisprudence).


I also have a sixth sense as to what's really going on beneath the surface -- and I know how to elicit it.


You are self-aware. I'll hold up a loving mirror so you enter an even more intimate relationship with you.


Once you see yourself in this way, we transform what is holding you back from going to the next level.


And this profoundly enhances your ability to make an impact -- your legacy work in the world.


Ezzie is one of the wisest, most intuitively tapped-in women I know, so I probably should have expected this from our session — but still, she got me!

With just a handful of compelling questions, Ezzie skilfully cut to the core of a subconscious block that had been leeching my creative energy every time I sat down to write (if I even made it that far.) We call them ‘blind spots’ for a reason; this block was sneaky and subtle, but packed a powerful punch, and identifying it with her guidance meant I could quickly redirect my energy to where it was needed most.

With so much of the narrative around book writing rooted in ‘struggle’, it was an absolute RELIEF to be reminded that (1) our soul projects want to come through us, and (2) we can choose to colour the entire experience with joy. This incredible session with Ezzie lifted me up out of confusion, and back into flow, swiftly.
— Rachel MacDonald, Writer + Coach,

Introducing ... 


Intensive block-buster sessions for authors, entrepreneurs and visionaries who feel stuck, and who want to be in flow, with clarity on how to move forward. 


You get:

-        90 minutes in a private Zoom audio session with Dr Ezzie Spencer.

-        A unique mix of intuitive questions and soulful strategy to get you back in flow, fast.

-        Questionnaire to start the process ahead of the session (this alone often results in revelations).


Plus : You are invited to send me any confidential written material such as a book manuscript or copy for in-session review. (a bonus as I'm a published author, entrepreneur -- and fun fact -- a former editor).


Your next step is simple:

Book your blockbuster session now. It's $350 USD.

email to select your session time.


I work magic with authors -- and also entrepreneurs, visionaries + creatives:

“Ezzie, in contrast to other deep work I’ve done, this felt distinctly different - gentle but powerful AND distinctly feminine. You were coaxing and inviting whatever wanted to be revealed to come to the surface and reveal itself. No pushing, no pulling, just holding the space for its emergence, revelation and release – its transmutation.

You have a masterful way of seeing the connections between themes and beliefs being unearthed — and showing the relationship between them.

My block felt like a knotted necklace, a complicated tangle, and you seemed to intuitively touch the “right” strand in the “perfect” order to free-up what needed to be freed, for me to move forward.

Ezzie, I see you as a modern-day shadow charmer!”
— Lara Dinstell, Creative Consulting Services,
My session with Ezzie was 3 days ago, and I’m still feeling peaceful and light from it. What I love about her approach is she is completely non-judgmental. For high-achieving women, it can be hard to admit to ourselves what’s *really* going on under the hood. Because of Ezzie’s clear and focused intuition, it feels safe to open up to her.

In just a short time, she gave me the antidote to a weighty emotion that had been holding me down long past its due date. I couldn’t shake this feeling for years, and in a short session the fog lifted.

In general, Ezzie is an extraordinary mix of analytical intellect and crystal-clear intuition. She is so comfortable in her own skin, and so her guidance feels really nice. It’s easy to sink into an easy, yet electric, feeling with her. She’s in her element here!
— Sarah Jones, Founder, Introverted Alpha
Ezzie is incredibly smart, articulate and intuitive. She also brought a lot of helpful business strategy into our Intensive session on my book. As an experienced editor, Ezzie has a talent for seeing what’s working AND what’s missing in your manuscript. Ezzie helped me clarify my intentions so I can write purposefully, helped me see what I needed to do to help my reader engage more effectively with my book, and identified some issues for me to rectify so my book can have the impact on my reader AND on my business that I desire. Really powerful and inspiring — thanks so much for your guidance Ezzie!
— Kerry Rowett, Kinesiologist and Creator of Align + Attract,
Ezzie is a modern alchemist, she looks at you with her sparkling eyes and commands your aliveness and authenticity. And she asks great questions. All are important when coaxing your best work forward and center. Ezzie is a best friend and cheerleader you wish you had.
— Jocelyn Gordon, Creator of HoopYogini™ and Bhakti Boogie Yoga
Last month I had the immense good fortune and pleasure to have a session with Ezzie. From the moment I walked in I could feel her joy, support and belief in her gifts that she offers so generously and willingly. She immediately made me feel comfortable, confidant and was able to help me voice some very deep yearnings and knowingness which have been a bit dormant within my self. It was a very empowering and uplifting experience and Ezzie in a very short time helped to step into a place of knowing that I CAN DO IT!
— Rebecca, "Mama" of Naya Ubud Retreat Centre
Ezzie has a gift of laser sharp focus, clarity, and analysis- all wrapped in a gentle, compassionate, feminine way. 
— Dr Jennifer Mullan, Psychologist + Professor, NYC
I have wanted to write for years, and been encouraged by friends and family to do so. I could never start the process for fear it would be an overwhelming, insurmountable years-long process. After meeting Ezzie, some topics I wanted to share just came out naturally with her. In our first one-on-one session, we dissolved the major block that was preventing me from starting my book!

Ezzie brings such a perfect balance to the process that allows me to tap into my own inner flow – where my writing comes from – while also utilizing the intellectual/rational processes associated with writing a book. I have never had anyone sit with me and make diving into book-writing feel this light.

Ezzie is so gifted and in just one session, I learned so much about myself and the writing process. The most wonderful part about this is how simple and streamlined she makes the concepts. I thought writing was going to be this painful, drawn-out process, and I realize that it doesn’t have to be.
— Mona Motwani, Entrepreneur + former United Nations human rights lawyer

Ready to release your blocks? 



It's a delight for me to help you move forward! I look forward to hearing from you. Ezzie Spencer PhD.