How to write a book -- which people want to buy -- and get it out into the world.

Imagine this:

You announce your book is available for pre-sale and within the hour, your email inbox is overflowing with excited readers from London to Estonia to Malaysia, to many states in the US and Australia –- all who have already purchased and cannot wait to receive their copy.

Your ideal client is anxious to work with you, and interview and other requests are flowing in too.

Your book is out in the world!

And the best part? 

Creating your book was a joyful process.

I know this is possible.

After years of learning how to write reports and articles, I worked out the secrets to writing beautifully and effectively – enjoying the process, honouring my own rhythms and cycles, and achieving great results.

During my doctoral dissertation, I really "got" effective writing. I finished my PhD in record time in 2013, and received a perfect result six weeks after submission (very rare in my area of research).

Then, less than a year after I sat down to write the first word of my first book, I was holding a beautiful printed copy, printed in full colour by the perfect publisher, who approached me -- with sales pouring in.

And here’s the rub : these were happy experiences, with plenty of time to enjoy life, outside of the writing process.

My experience has led me to believe that writing a book DOES NOT need to be a traumatic ordeal.

That’s a myth.

On the other hand, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment if you think your book will just “download” after hours, and you simply need to light a candle at the Full Moon to manifest chapters or a publisher.

Um, no.

It might look like magic, but in my experience, magic is the result of careful and devoted practicE, SECRET PROCESSES, AND UNKNOWN LAWS.

My magical process involves:

prize strategies on writing, PRODUCTION + Promotion, carefully crafted intentions + POWERFUL GOALS, + DEVOTED WRITING processes that honour your feminine flow, YOUR CYCLES AND NATURAL RHYTHMS 

You are invited now to work privately with me, to bring these elements to your own book writing project. These are highly practical sessions – magical realism, if you will – where I draw on 10+ years of client work and writing/production experience in many settings, together with my intuitive insights into your project.

I will provide you with customised feedback and accountability, and support you to write a book -- which people want to buy -- and get it out into the world, in the way right for you.


These sessions are perfect for you if:

  • You want a book that sells -- and has a positive impact on your readers' lives. (you want your readers to be overjoyed at the chance to buy this book -- then rave about it because it's so useful).


  • You want to establish yourself as an authority on your topic, with enduring credibility and the right invitations and opportunities such as media, masterminds and speaking gigs coming to you (books are a gamechanger in business, with a cachet going well beyond a big social media following).


  •  You want a bevy of ideal clients knocking on your door (it’s awesome when the right people love your book -- and it’s even better when they go beyond the book to explore your other offerings).


  • You want to document your body of work, and deepen your own knowledge in your field (books are not blog posts; the writing process takes you DEEP in a way that is incredibly rewarding, gives you ownership of your ideas, and sets you above the online masses with their same-y content).


  • You want to apply my Lunar Abundance® method to your entire book project (working strategically, and enjoying the process, rather than struggling through in a hope-for-the-best way).


These sessions are not perfect for you if:

  • you really dislike writing (in that case – consider hiring a ghostwriter!)


  • you don't have any time or interest in writing a book (if you're on the fence, I can help you explore whether a book project is right for you, and work out how to create space for it -- but I won't be pushing you to write a book if you don't want to do it, or if you are already way over-committed). 


  • you want me to actually write and edit your book manuscript, or proposal if you choose to seek a publisher (I’ll give ample suggestions, insights and coaching -- verbally, during our sessions).


  • you prefer to stay in left-brain/logical mode and aren't interested in flow, intentions, or a magical touch (my signature blend of intellect and intuition is what makes my approach unique).

Specifically, I can support you to:

  • design a perfect topic and structure for your opus (this is key to attracting the right readers, promoters and perhaps a publisher – we will get it right at the outset, and keep refining as needed).


  • craft and implement your strategic plan for your book writing process (with careful planning - and the right topic, which you really care about! - you may be able to do it faster than you think).


  • craft and implement your strategic plan for your book publishing process  (I believe there’s no “one size fits all” advice on whether to self-publish, or to go down the path of traditional publishing – so much is dependent on your circumstances and the fast changing publishing landscape. I've got a good handle on current trends, and can help you get clear on what would most benefit you right now).


  • craft and implement your strategic plan for book promoting process (marketing needs to start early, yo - and you need up-to-date online marketing chops and a smart plan, as you can no longer solely rely on traditional media or old school methods in this rapidly changing digital world).


  • craft and implement any follow-up or complementary offerings for your book project (how will you monetise the book, beyond royalties or cover price? We can map out private sessions, online programs, live events, and more – I have experience with it all. Design and foresight is essential).


  • set the right goals + intentions for your book project – for you, your readers, your entire book creation process, and your ongoing career (this has been a core element in my success –the key is what intentions + goals you set, how you set them, and then what you do with them).


  • discover how my Lunar Abundance® methodology can help with your successful book project – tried and tested with my own book! (we’ll develop a realistic writing process that fits your lifestyle and workflow. It may sound counterintuitive, but I’ll wager that you’ll be more creative and effective if you don’t struggle – and you’ll enjoy your writing, and your life, more!)


  • enjoy soundboarding, accountability and my customised feedback and insights on all the above, and related topics, as you move through the entire process of writing a book and getting it out to the world (if you choose to book multiple sessions).


What sessions look like:

I work with clients all over the world. Sessions are by phone or Skype audio. 

Sessions are for 55 minutes.

You can choose to book either a single session, or a package of sessions:



If you just want a boost, or my insights on a specific aspect of the process, or if you want to explore whether my style is a fit for ongoing work -- you can book a single session. (book as many as you want).



If you’re wanting more support, you need help on multiple topics, or if you’re seeking an ongoing writing coach who really “gets” you and your project - book a package of 3 sessions (book as many as you want).

Before you purchase a package, you may wish to search availability on my calendar to ensure that there are session times available that suit you. You can search my calendar when you click "book single session".



Book a single session for $200 or a package of three sessions for $495. 

Payment is in USD, as my clients are all over the world. If you are Australian and would prefer to pay in AUD, please email ezzie@lunarabundance.com (please note that GST will be applied to Aussie purchases!).



The number of sessions depends on the level of support you desire, how quickly you want to progress, and what stage of the process you’re at. (if you’re not sure, we can work this out in the first session). 

If you want to move quickly, we could easily work together once per week.



You can book now for early April 2017 onwards.

If you book a package, you'll complete your 3 sessions within a 3 month period.

You can view available session times and dates on my online calendar when you click "single session".

My clients are around the world, so I make myself available at times that suit multiple timezones.



Payment is by PayPal at the time of booking. You can pay via credit card linked to your PayPal account. If you don't have an account, it's okay, you can pay as a guest using a credit card at the PayPal checkout.


If you are booking a single session:

1. You will click on the "book a single session" purple button, select your timezone, and view my calendar.

2. Once you select your session time(s) via my online calendar, you make your payment via PayPal.

3. Once your session is paid for, it is confirmed.

If you are booking a value package:

1. You will click on the "book a value package" purple button above or below (no need to add a note).

2. You will receive an email with your package code once you have completed your payment via PayPal.

3. You will then be prompted to schedule your sessions using your code. I recommend that once you purchase a package, you immediately book your 3 single sessions to secure time slots that work for you. 



For both single sessions and value packages:

You will receive a short questionnaire to fill out in advance of the session. Please return this to me at least 24 hours in advance of our session so we can make the most of our time together. 

I will contact you at the confirmed session time via Skype audio.


A little more about me:

I'm a coach, speaker and author of the book, An Abundant Life: Flourishing with the Cycles of the Moon. I host the iTunes podcast An Abundant Life with Dr Ezzie Spencer. I trained as a lawyer and worked in government, research, and nonprofit sectors. My PhD examined women’s wellbeing and justice after violence.

I created Lunar Abundance® – a lunar-inspired, holistic self-care practice — and through this, help thousands of women around the world cultivate self-worth, confidence and wellbeing in a playful way.

My online readership numbers in the thousands & I've worked more closely with hundreds of women individually, in live groups & in my online communities. Some testimonials, from earlier offers:


i'm not writing a book. can i work with you on something else?

Yes. Please explore all my offers via the "Coaching" tab in the site menu. I'm also developing a certification program for my Lunar Abundance method. Please contact ezzie@lunarabundance.com for more.


will we EXPLORE THE lunar abundance® METHOD IN DEPTH?

These sessions are customised to your needs and interests. So yes, if you are interested, we can explore my Lunar Abundance process and how it relates to your book process in depth, over multiple sessions.

Please see www.LunarAbundance.com and my Instagram and podcast for much more moon cycle wisdom.



I can spend up to 15 minutes reviewing written material in advance of each session (I read fast). I'll provide you with verbal feedback during the session. If you have, eg, a 500 page manuscript that you'd like me to review in advance of a session, you can book additional time. Email ezzie@lunarabundance.com for more.



My expertise is with non-fiction and personal development. Having said that, a number of topics noted above cross genres (for example, you will still need to develop effective and enjoyable writing processes, and publication and promotion plans). If you're not sure, book a single session and we can go from there.


WHAT'S YOUR RESCHEDULE POLICY for private sessions?

You can reschedule up to 24 hours before the start of a session, within 3 mths of booking, assuming that another time is available in my calendar. I only have a limited amount of spots available, and your spot is reserved for you once you book, so no changes are possible within 24 hours of the session. If you miss the session, you forfeit the full fee. Refunds aren't available (of course, I’m open to extenuating circumstances).



Please email ezzie@lunarabundance.com


If it feels right, I look forward to supporting you to birth your beautiful book!