Find Your Feminine Flow in Business

Explore business through the moon cycles : create abundance the feminine way, in sync with natural rhythms, by applying my Lunar Abundance® method to your business


Find feminine flow with smart systems that create peace of mind, and open up greater earnings.


Take beautiful care of yourself, and experience joy and pleasure in life (your business is there to support your life, not take up all your oxygen).

You can now draw on my intuitive insights and practical experience to support your successful feminine business.

These private sessions are for you if ... 

// You want to start or grow a new business (and you want to design it beautifully from the beginning, not do the rookie-error thing of just recreating the stressful corporate job that burned you out).

// You already have a business, but you're in constant YANG mode (you recognise this is impacting your wellbeing. You want to slow down and prioritise self-care -- without compromising your success). 

// Your business is successful, but it's moved so fast that your systems are a mess (you know that you could be working far more efficiently, but you don't have time to figure out how to fix this yourself).


I have created a location-independent, six figure business that serves my soul, and hundreds of women around the world, through delivering coaching sessions, online programs and events.

I can guide you to do the same.

I also have a beautiful life, where joy, creativity and pleasure is central, self-care is paramount, relationships and connection with my community and other women is key, and I can give back by volunteering my time and donating money for causes important to me such as women's safety. 

One of my secrets is my Lunar Abundance® practice ~ creating feminine abundance through working with the moon cycle, working in flow with the rhythms of life and my body, yin and yang.

Another of my secrets is that I have learnt how to create elegant offerings that serve my own rhythms, and the needs of those who are thirsty for change -- and communicate these effectively (I can help you with this too, in an area right for you).

And the final secret? I am supported in my business by beautiful systems, which I created myself by drawing on my experience in law and project management. For example, I recently created systems for a multi-million dollar, national research program to help a non-profit run beautifully on a shoestring budget.

I don't want to give the impression that I simply do New Moon rituals to succeed.

That's the start, for sure (don't underestimate the power of intention!) -- but it's backed up by much more.

Now I'm drawing back the curtain on my overall business approach, to help you to succeed.

My approach is strategic and a little magical.

Importantly, it is highly effective -- with a marriage of yin and yang, which can help you find feminine flow.

With this approach, you don't sacrifice anything; your business is successful, and you enjoy your life more.

Discover how I can help support your beautiful feminine business.

What sessions look like:

I work with clients all over the world. Sessions are by phone or Skype audio. 

Sessions are for 55 minutes.

You can choose to book either a single session, or a package of sessions.



The number of sessions depends on the level of support you desire, how quickly you want to progress, and what stage of the process you’re at. (if you’re not sure, we can work this out in the first session). 

If you just want a boost, want help on a specific question, or want to explore whether my style is a fit for ongoing work -- you can book a single session (book as many as you want).

If you're seeking an ongoing coach who really “gets” you and will support you to develop a feminine business -- book a package of 3 sessions at a special value rate (book as many packages as you want).

If you are committed to taking action and changing fast, we could easily work together once per week.


how do i book?

Please email


What happens after I book?

You will receive a short questionnaire to fill out in advance of the session. Please return this to me at least 24 hours in advance of our session so we can make the most of our time together. 

I will contact you at the confirmed session time via Skype audio. 


A little more about me:

I'm a coach, speaker and author of the book, An Abundant Life: Flourishing with the Cycles of the Moon. I host the iTunes podcast An Abundant Life with Dr Ezzie Spencer. I'm a trained lawyer with experience in government, research, and nonprofits. My PhD was on women’s wellbeing and justice after violence.

I created Lunar Abundance® – a lunar-inspired, holistic self-care practice — and through this, help thousands of women around the world cultivate self-worth, confidence and wellbeing in a playful way.

My online readership numbers in the tens of thousands & I've worked more closely with hundreds of women individually, in live groups & in my online communities. 


i'm not interested in business. can we still work together?

Yes. You can also work with me on book and career transition coaching. I'm also developing a certification program for my Lunar Abundance method. Please contact for more.


will we EXPLORE THE lunar abundance® METHOD IN DEPTH?

These sessions are customised to your needs and interests. If you are interested, we can explore my Lunar Abundance process and how it relates to your successful feminine business, over multiple sessions.

Please see and my Instagram and podcast for more on the moon cycles.  


WHAT'S YOUR RESCHEDULE POLICY for private sessions?

You can reschedule up to 24 hours before the start of a session, within 3 mths of booking, assuming that another time is available in my calendar. I only have a limited amount of spots available, and your spot is reserved for you once you book, so no changes are possible within 24 hours of the session. If you miss the session, you forfeit the full fee. Refunds aren't available (of course, I’m open to extenuating circumstances).



Please email


If this feels right, I look forward to supporting  your beautiful, feminine business!