It’s not too late to live your professional purpose.



What do you really want to do for work?

keep reading if:

You want to do meaningful work that makes your heart sing.

You want to make good money and feel financially secure.

And you want work to be just one part of your abundant life (where your relationships, family and self-care remain paramount). 



These private sessions are for you if ... 

you want my laser-focused guidance, intuitive insights, and experienced support to help you make the right changes in your career or business -- in a caring and effective way.

Perhaps you're just not happy with your current job or business.

Perhaps you’ve had some time off work, and the idea of returning to your previous career leaves you ... flat.

You know that there's something better for you -- more flexible, abundant, inspired, meaningful, work.

// You may not be sure exactly what that is -- what your professional purpose really is. 

Should you start a business? Pursue another career? Study more? All of the above? It's confusing!

// Or, you may have a vision of your dream career – but you’re not sure if it's really possible.

You may be overwhelmed at the prospect of turning your dreams into reality. Your efforts, to date, haven't got you to where you want to be. You feel stuck -- and it doesn't help that others are questioning you, too. 

Secretly, you may be wondering ... if it is too late to change track.

(heads up: it's not).

I know, for sure, that it is possible to leave one career for a meaningful alternative – and be happy, creatively fulfilled, and financially successful as you live your professional purpose.

And I know that it's possible to enjoy your life, honouring your own rhythms and priorities, whilst doing so.

I started out as a lawyer, tried out academia, and then created Lunar Abundance, a thriving business that has generated multiple six figures through online programs, events and private coaching -- and now a published book.

I've supported many women to pursue the professional path that is right for them.

My unique perspective comes from working in multiple sectors, successfully undertaking a PhD on women's wellbeing (I received the PhD Excellence Award from my university), and now running my dream business with all the financial, creative and location freedom that this provides. 

Now, I don't believe that my personal professional path is the only way. I have the gift of being able to laser-focus on what's true for you, and offer a range of perspectives and practical suggestions.

There is no one-size-fits-all advice in these sessions – planning and support is tailored to your goals, desires and needs (we can clarify these together).

Specifically, I can help you:

// clarify what would be meaningful, stable, and financially prosperous work for you, based on your strengths, experience, interests, needs, and the holistic contours of your dream life; 

// create a realistic plan to move towards your purpose with clarity, confidence and optimism; and

// over multiple sessions, support you to implement do-able action steps (which are effective + feel good) .

What sessions look like:

I work with clients all over the world. Sessions are by phone or Skype audio. 

Sessions are for 55 minutes.

You can choose to book either a single session, or a package of sessions.



The number of sessions depends on the level of support you desire, how quickly you want to progress, and what stage of the process you’re at. (if you’re not sure, we can work this out in the first session). 

If you are committed to taking action and changing fast, we could easily work together once per week.

If you just want a boost, want to seek my opinion on a specific question, or want to explore whether my style is a fit for ongoing work -- you can book a single session (book as many as you want).

If you're seeking an ongoing coach who really “gets” you and will support you to develop your ideal career or business -- book a package of 3 sessions at a special value rate (book as many packages as you want).


how do i book?

Please email


What happens after I book?

You will receive a short questionnaire to fill out in advance of the session. Please return this to me at least 24 hours in advance of our session so we can make the most of our time together. 

I will contact you at the confirmed session time via Skype audio. 


A little more about me:

I'm a coach, speaker and author of the book, An Abundant Life: Flourishing with the Cycles of the Moon. I host the iTunes podcast An Abundant Life with Dr Ezzie Spencer. I'm a trained lawyer with experience in government, research, and nonprofits. My PhD was on women’s wellbeing and justice after violence.

I created Lunar Abundance® – a lunar-inspired, holistic self-care practice — and through this, help thousands of women around the world cultivate self-worth, confidence and wellbeing in a playful way.

My online readership numbers in the thousands & I've worked more closely with hundreds of women individually, in live groups & in my online communities. 


can i work with you on something else?

Yes. You can also work with me on your book or your business. I'm also developing a certification program for my Lunar Abundance method. Please contact for more.


will we EXPLORE THE lunar abundance® METHOD IN DEPTH?

These sessions are customised to your needs and interests. So yes, if you are interested, we can explore my Lunar Abundance process and how it relates to your career, over multiple sessions.

Please see and my Instagram and podcast for more on the moon cycles.  


WHAT'S YOUR RESCHEDULE POLICY for private sessions?

You can reschedule up to 24 hours before the start of a session, within 3 mths of booking, assuming that another time is available in my calendar. I only have a limited amount of spots available, and your spot is reserved for you once you book, so no changes are possible within 24 hours of the session. If you miss the session, you forfeit the full fee. Refunds aren't available (of course, I’m open to extenuating circumstances).



Please email


If this feels right, I look forward to supporting you to start living your professional purpose!