Beautiful You Coaching Academy magazine, 2015

Beautiful You Coaching Academy magazine, 2015

Lady, your full riches are yet to be discovered...

How do you know if you’re unlocking all of your inner riches – your inner resources that hold the keys to your outer prosperity and fulfilment? How can you tell, when your internal world is so complex, subtle and individual to you? 

Then, beyond mindset, what is the right action for you to take to bring your dreams into form ~ without burning out or sacrificing your self-care?

I deeply understand your questions, because this has been my own journey. It's how I developed a successful traditional career & then an abundant business, steeped in love & living in feminine flow.

What is the better life that you want to create, with my personal guidance and attention?


I'm Dr Ezzie Spencer, creator of Lunar Abundance®.

I'm an author, coach + speaker.

I love helping women to live the life of their dreams -- one that honours your true desires (rather than external expectations), your professional strengths, your intuition, and the wisdom of your body.

 I work with women entrepreneurs, professionals, academics + aspiring authors.

What do these women have in common? A desire to cultivate more peace and prosperity. The courage to explore new things -- working smarter, not harder. The openness to embracing more joy, and less struggle.

This is not just a nice idea. I show you how -- by making strategic decisions, and honouring natural rhythms.

I would be delighted to help you :

Write a book -- which people want to buy -- and get it out into the world (more here).


Find your professional purpose -- transition into the right career / start and grow the right business


Live + work with greater flow, ease, trust, self-care and connection to yourself and natural cycles.


I've moved from a traditional profession (and the push + hustle) to intuitive flow : running an abundant business, publishing a book, and doing work I love with women from Stockholm to New York to Sydney.

Drawing on years of legal experience, I am a practical "problem solver" and strategist as well as a highly intuitive coach. I've worked with clients in various capacities for 10 years. My online readership numbers in the several thousands & I've worked more closely in a coaching capacity with hundreds of women individually, in live groups & in my online communities.

You can read about experiences and results here. Some testimonials:


My session with Ezzie blew. me. away. What I received was FAR beyond my expectations. Super clear intuitive insight. Soulful wisdom. All delivered by a vibrant, passionate soul who very obviously knows her stuff. Get her on your team! Rachel MacDonald

In just one conversation with Ezzie, I saw exactly what was needed for the next level of my unfolding. It was as if she was looking through a window into all the corners of my life, and uncovering exactly what I’d need to do to let the light in. I walked away feeling totally blown away, grounded, and clear.  

Nisha Moodley

Would you like to learn more? I'm eager to find out more about you!

To find out more about working privately with me, please email: (subject line: "Coaching")