I’m Ezzie Spencer PhD, and I help people to flourish.


I'm a published author, offer digital programs, give keynote talks, and consult with organizations.

My work blends ancient wisdom with modern science. 

I've sold thousands of books, inspire a global online community of 40,000+, coached hundreds of women, facilitated residential retreats, and worked with government, corporates, universities and non-profits.


My vision is a world where we all "spiral up" ...

feeling good and making an impact.


Through my public digital offerings...

I help women cultivate joy, peace and purpose through my playful Lunar Abundance® program.

I help writers spark their creativity and confidence with my Book Whispering Project.



I’m most fascinated by flow, emotional intelligence, neuroscience, and positive psychology.


People are often surprised that I used to be a lawyer

... more on the social justice side. My PhD was on women’s wellbeing in the justice process. 

I care about wellbeing and human potential on social and organizational levels, as well as for individuals.


In my spare time?

You’ll find me somewhere near the sparkling ocean or frolicking in the Aussie bush, on the yoga mat …. or, more than likely, devouring chai tea (spice it up!).


Stay in touch…

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Official bio 


Dr Ezzie Spencer is a published author, and creator of Lunar Abundance®. She is the host of an iTunes podcast, and the author of the book, An Abundant Life: Flourishing with the Cycles of the Moon (published in Australia in 2017, and forthcoming internationally in 2018).

Ezzie started out in a very different field — as a lawyer and academic researcher. She holds a PhD in therapeutic jurisprudence and women's wellbeing. Together with tracking the moon cycle, this was her entry into the importance of the emotional realm, which she continues to explore through her work today.

As the creator of Lunar Abundance® – a lunar-inspired, holistic self-care practice — Ezzie helps tens of thousands of women around the world cultivate self-worth, creativity and confidence in a playful way.

Lunar Abundance® supports women to cultivate peace, stability, purpose and effectiveness in life and work. Its elegant digital products provide feminine experiences that support women to find answers within, enjoy genuine connection, and cultivate trust in self and the flow with life -- all guided by the moon cycle.


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“Working with Dr. Ezzie Spencer produced a cataclysmic shift in my perspective- and more so in how I FEEL about my future. She has a gift of laser sharp focus, clarity, and analysis- all wrapped in a gentle, compassionate, feminine way.

So often I find myself embedded in work that is either very “goal-oriented/ masculine” or extremely “feeling based/ feminine”. Ezzie is an alchemist creating an experience that allowed me to SEE myself and true possibilities for my future with a marriage of both the yin and the yang.

Ezzie has firmly awakened my vision to that of one of economic empowerment and financial and professional freedom- with an evolving plan that is FEELING based. Working with Ezzie was one of my best investments in myself.”
— Dr Jennifer Mullan, New York City