I'm Dr Ezzie Spencer. I speak about resilience, mindfulness + emotional intelligence.

"Ezzie is a warm, wondrous and gifted speaker.  Her presentation at our Inspiration Day was filled with wisdom, and she gracefully held the stage (and the barrage of questions!) with the full ease of a consummate pro. The feedback we received has been amazing and I would work with Ezzie again in a heartbeat.  

If you are looking to bring an incredibly uplifting speaker to your stage then Ezzie needs to be on your speed dial list!"


Julie Parker     

CEO & Founder, Beautiful You Coaching Academy                                            

Beautiful You Coaching Academy (by Monika Tschirch)

Beautiful You Coaching Academy (by Monika Tschirch)

Guiding meditation to music by Morgan Joanel, Sydney 2016

Guiding meditation to music by Morgan Joanel, Sydney 2016


I was searching for a woman who could connect with my coaching mastermind full of overachieving women, and Ezzie was the perfect combination of compelling and inspirational. Her innovative approach to helping women embrace more ease and grace in their business helped show my clients a better way to get more results in their life. 

Victoria Gibson, Online Business Mentor, www.breakoutsuccess.com


Ezzie has a unique energy that you can even hear in her voice and that spreads a fantastic energy in the room. Inspiring!!

MK, Stockholm, Sweden


I have become more empowered through having a greater understanding of, and ability to interpret, my inner landscape. Thank you!!

Madeleine, Sydney


Ezzie is an amazing, inspiring spiritual being who is full to the brim of knowledge on the emotional self. Her radiant energy envelops you from start to finish and leaves you craving more. Bianca, Sydney


It’s so wonderful to hear about a successful lawyer having a spiritual awakening and integrating that into their life IN-THE-WORLD! This is really what resonates with me most, and helps to motivate and drive me … there is a need out there, even, and perhaps especially, among law school students. On behalf of us all, I’d like to thank you for bucking the trend, and following your heart, and being a role model for us all.  JB, Melbourne, Australia


Looking back at many years of history of my own meditation practise, I find Ezzie to be one of the most delightful meditation teachers I’ve ever known. Ezzie effortlessly draws from modern and ancient techniques without getting lost in fluffy nonsense. Her focus on the body has been very helpful to stay grounded in a busy modern lifestyle and use the freed up energy to move towards my higher goals.
TS, Sydney, Australia

As a lawyer and academic, I became comfortable on the big stage, speaking at Australian and international events. I now speak about resilience, emotional intelligence and mindfulness.

I blend science with spirit.

If you are looking for an uplifting, engaging speaker with a unique story and practical advice - let's talk.

I can also incorporate guided meditation into a presentation, if appropriate for your audience.

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