You’ve been dreaming about writing a book for so long … so why is it so tough to actually DO IT?


I'm Dr Ezzie Spencer, and I know what it feels like to WANT to write a book.

Ever since I was a little girl, I wanted to write a book.

It was just something that I knew that I’d do when I ‘grew up.’ 

(Actually, I started to write my first "novel" when I was five years old, telling my magical dreams to my mother whilst she patiently wrote these out in a big yellow A4 book -- oh, she had the patience of a saint!).

Then life had other plans for me for awhile. I did the "sensible" thing. I got the grades for law school, so I became a lawyer, and then a PhD in women's wellbeing.

Over time, I re-discovered the magic in life, tapping into the magic of the moon cycle -- and I started my own business, working with hundreds of women around the world to connect with the feminine.

I yearned to share more of my stories and experiences for greater impact, my legacy work in the world.

But, what happened to the book?

I wrote a lot in those years, but none of that was the book that I dreamed of.

And here’s a confession:

In a way, I was subconsciously waiting for… the book to simply HAPPEN. 

I knew in my heart that my book was going to be about feminine wisdom, the magic of the moon cycle.

I wanted to uplift and inspire women around the world, giving them a practical way to work with the moon.

… but I wasn’t quite sure how to make that idea into a BOOK.

I started to tell people that I was writing the book about the moon.

Oh yes, I’m totally writing a book, I’d say.

I even posted about it on Instagram.

But the months rolled by and... all I had were scattered notes and a few random paragraphs.

I can see now that I was holding a belief that a knight in shining armor would somehow turn up, and then… well… I’m not sure what would happen. Bring me my book? 

(this makes me laugh thinking of it!)

Perhaps I would be suddenly moved to “download” the book in my spare time?

Maybe, I’d use my manifesting powers to just... manifest it?

(oh, yeah!)

As you can probably tell, this thinking didn’t get me very far — and thankfully, yes, there WAS a turning point where it became clear to me that these were all ways that I was actually sabotaging myself.

Not only was I sabotaging myself, I realized -- but I also wasn’t acting in service to the book, or those who needed it.

Deep down, what was actually going on here?

0 LunarAbundance_Lock.jpg

Why wasn't I starting the book? 

Even though I didn't realize it at the time, I was actually suffering from writer's block.

I was stumbling over deep fears and worries -- and my old faithful frenemy, the Imposter Complex.

This was the case even though I had worked with HUNDREDS of women around the world in my Lunar Abundance business -- global private clients, workshops, events, conferences, and 350+ graduates from my online Salon.

My subconscious was STILL muttering...

What if I can't actually write the book? 

I've never written a book before -- am I a good enough writer?

What if I start and I can't finish it?

What if I do finish it and no one wants to read it?

Will anyone even care?

This could have gone on ... forever.

Until one day, I realized that if I didn't write this book -- maybe someone else would. 

(if you've read Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert, you'll recall that she illustrates how an idea will pick you, hang around for awhile, and then if you don't heed its call, will roll through to the next person. Ouch!).

Realizing this was enough for me to get real about what was going on -- and leap into action.

I finally figured out that I needed to be my own knight (or, my own magic woman).


I realized this book was only going to be born if I made an actual, solid plan to write this baby.

Even though I didn’t have a publisher lined up …

Even though I had a business to run …

Even though I didn’t have a partner to support me …

It was time for me to DECIDE to stop putting off the book, and write it.

So that’s what I did.

The first step in writing my book was that… I made a solid commitment to WRITE this book.

If you're reading this, you've either made that commitment... or you're on the brink of it.

Great start! That's the point at which your book starts to become REAL.

But then what?

I wondered -- How on earth was I actually, physically, going to start WRITING THIS BOOK?

2 LunarAbundance_Stonecrossing.jpg

I nutted over this for some time.

Finally? I sat down, stopped worrying, and mapped out a process to actually DO it.

I brought together all my research, and my skills and experience from my background in the law, and as a former editor -- the left brain, intellectual side of me.

Then I brought that together with the right brain, the flow, the creative inspired and intuitive side of me.

And I realized...

It just doesn't need to be so hard.

I brought the SIMPLICITY and the JOY from my Lunar Abundance practice to the book writing process. 

And this is where the magic happened.

I created a SOLID PLAN and PROCESS to write the book - what became my Book Whispering process.

Immediately, I found the CERTAINTY and BELIEF that I was going to write this book.

And what flowed from there?

I was on fire.


I wrote the first draft of my book in just a few weeks.

Just a few months later, I had a FINISHED book -- and shortly after that, a traditional publishing deal.

Even though I started out in the process feeling lost, confused and overwhelmed, once I moved through my initial writer's blocks and worries, writing a book was an enjoyable process!

Because I had a clear plan, writing was a way for me to reduce my stress and anxiety, not add to it.

This is when I learnt that inspired writing can be incredibly therapeutic.

Writing a book, with a solid plan and clear process, was actually enjoyable for me.

There was a national book tour, with hundreds of beautiful Aussie women coming to celebrate the book. 

And then, there was an international book deal with a publisher in the United States.

It is a huge personal accomplishment to see a book published. 

Suddenly, I had the credibility that comes from introducing yourself as PUBLISHED AUTHOR.

The invites rolled in to speak on podcasts, in media like ABC news, and at conferences. 

My audience rapidly grew. Having a platform before a book is great -- but it grows WITH the book, too!

This had fabulous potential for my business.


And the best bit?

Women started writing to me every day in excitement, saying they were buying and reading my book -- walking into bookshops and airports, finding it Instagram -- and it was changing their lives for the better.

The relationship with your readers becomes deeper, too. No longer are you just another update to scroll by on the Facebook newsfeed -- you're in someone's home, on their bedside table.

Your ideas become part of their life, and you become a best friend and trusted adviser. Your readers spread the word about you, doing the work for you, posting online, and telling all their friends. 

Can you imagine the impact of your work and your ideas being so accessible, with such impact?

Remember-- just a couple of years ago, I had no book, and wasn't sure how to even start. 


I wasn't sure whether my lifelong dream would EVER become real.

Now, here's the thing.

My book is not just some magical thing that happened "to" me.

My book was the result of a clear and simple PROCESS.

My book was something that I CREATED through my Book Whispering process:


And it wasn't just me.

You too can start writing your book!

I'm here to INSPIRE you and SHOW YOU how.  

As my book has been a generally positive experience (and that's not what we hear about book writing usually!) I've been super inspired to help OTHER women become published authors.

Since my book was published, I've now worked with dozens of aspiring authors in 1:1 sessions, live workshops, and a week-long Bali writing retreat:

And what I've learnt working with all these writers is...

So many women share the same experience as me.

I've seen so many women hold themselves back from their book dreams, the way I once did. 

I've seen so many women stay small, play "safe" (but really, allow the Imposter Complex to run riot and dampen their dreams, sometimes even without realizing that this is happening).

I've seen so many women avoid starting to write a book -- or finish the book they've started -- because they just don't know the practicalities of how to start (totally understandable, if you haven't done it before).

And I've also seen that all of these things can be figured out.

Easily, through my Book Whispering process.

My clients routinely move from feeling stagnant, disenchanted, overwhelmed, lost, and insecure — to feeling aligned, confident, excited and motivated about getting their book written, and out into the world.

I have wanted to write for years, and been encouraged by friends and family to do so. I could never start the process for fear it would be an overwhelming, insurmountable years-long process.

Ezzie brings such a perfect balance to the process that allows me to tap into my own inner flow – where my writing comes from – while also utilizing the intellectual/rational processes associated with writing a book. I have never had anyone make the process of diving into my book-writing feel this light.
— Mona Motwani, entrepreneur and former UN lawyer

When you adopt my Book Whispering approach -- which includes both masculine structure and feminine flow -- the entire book writing experience doesn’t just look different, it feels different.

You can expect to feel deeply connected with yourself, relaxed, calm and optimistic about the future.

You will enjoy the self-transformation that comes once you meet your writer's block, your fears and doubts -- and overcome these, using my practical strategies and clear approaches.

You'll be closer to being a published author, with all the perks and credibility that brings.

You'll be able to share your stories, wisdom and experience to have an impact on the world-- and leave a legacy. 

And, you'll tap into that tremendous feeling of personal accomplishment of writing a book.

I know not everyone can come to Bali to write with me, and a private session may be out-of-reach too. So I'm now making my Book Whispering expertise available in an accessibly-priced way, in an online program. 

Lady, I want your book in the hands of your readers -- and I want it in mine.

That's why I have created:

The Book Whispering Project


the online program for aspiring authors, entrepreneurs, and visionaries -- who want to start writing that book they have always dreamed about, in a simple, easy and joyful way.

You can expect to be INSPIRED to write the book that is knocking at your door.

And you can expect practical, actionable, advice to ACTUALLY WRITE YOUR BOOK. 

This is because I want to support you to become an AUTHOR -- and have the positive impact on the world, and do the legacy work, that I believe that you are truly here to do.

I want to demystify the process and support you in a way that is simple, straightforward, and DO-ABLE.



What the Book Whispering Project looks like:

-  Four online modules with multiple downloadable audios, short videos, worksheets and transcripts, delivered over two weeks (to IGNITE your book writing and guide you with simple practices). 

A peek inside one of the modules...

inside the portal.png

What's inside each of the Modules?


Module One: Ignite!

+ Get started immediately with your first video, downloadable audios and worksheet

+ Boost Your Confidence and Find Clarity in 5 Minutes with a Simple Exercise

+ From Interesting Idea to Book Reality : Take the First Step to Make Your Book Happen


Module Two: Unlocking Your Creativity

+ The Yin Secret: How to Write Your Book in a Joyful Way

+ Setting You Up for Writing Success - Setting Your Core Intentions

+ Dissolve (Totally Normal) Fear and Doubt with this Safe and Gentle Method 


Module Three: Creating a Strong, Elegant Container to Set up Your Success

+ The Yang Secret: Supporting Inspirational Flow

+ How to Ensure Your Book is Worth Writing 

+ Beautiful + Simple Outlining 

+ How to Ensure You Have Raving Fans (Before You Start to Write)  


Module Four: Writing Rituals and Rhythms

+ Let it Be Sacred : Writing Rituals

+ Let's Take this Home : Goals and Timeframes 

+ Course Re-Cap and Next Steps 


What are the course dates?

This course was run live in October 2017.

The next opening of the course is TBC - please sign up below to hear about the next opening! 


What happens after I purchase?

Once you purchase, you will be taken to PayPal to complete your purchase.

You'll then receive an email to your PayPal email address with your log-in details for Module One.

You'l receive further emails as each of the modules are released.

If you don't receive the first email within the hour, or if you'd like to change your course email from your PayPal email address, please for support from my wonderful team.

Refund policy: If you pay and then don't want to do the course? Contact me within 48 hours for a refund. No refunds available after that timeframe.


Any questions?

Happy to help!

Please email


Words from my writer clients ...

With so much of the narrative around book writing being rooted in ‘struggle’, it was an absolute RELIEF to be reminded that (1) our soul projects want to come through us, and (2) we can choose to colour the entire experience with joy. Working with Ezzie lifted me up out of confusion, and back into flow, swiftly.
— Rachel MacDonald, Writer + Coach,
Ezzie, you have such clarity on the important aspects of the book writing process, and a very light and inspiring way of guiding me through that process.
— Jonas Faremo, Mindfulnesscoach and Conscious Business consultant/philosopher.
Ezzie helped me clarify my intentions so I can write purposefully, helped me see what I needed to do to help my reader engage more effectively with my book, and identified issues for me to rectify so my book can have the impact on my reader AND on my business that I desire. Thanks so much for your guidance Ezzie!
— Kerry Rowett, Kinesiologist and Creator of Align + Attract,
I loved how approachable and fun Ezzie makes the whole of idea of writing a book. She has a natural lightness and freedom in her essence that comes through and inspires, and her practical and down-to-earth writing prompts helped me get clarity on why I’m writing and for whom. Thanks Ezzie! Highly recommended.
— Christabel Zamor, Breath of Bliss Academy,

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It's a delight for me to help usher books into the world. I look forward to seeing you inside the program! 

- Ezzie Spencer PhD