Do you want to write a book?


So much becomes possible once you’ve launched your book into the world…


And so much is possible in the process itself.


If you:

·      Feel called to share your story

·      Know you have a message for the world

·      Want that life-long dream to write a book to actually happen (sooner, rather than later)

·      Would secretly love your book to lead to greater career success


Well, I’ve got a secret to share…


Authoring a book (that people actually want to buy) doesn’t always require a lonely hard road.

I loved how approachable and fun Ezzie makes the whole of idea of writing a book. She has a natural lightness and freedom in her essence that comes through and inspires, and her practical and down to earth writing prompts helped me get clarity on why I’m writing and for whom. Thanks Ezzie! Highly recommended.
— Christabel Zamor, Breath of Bliss Academy,

Could you believe that it's possible to write a book in a joyful way? 


I’m Ezzie Spencer PhD and I’m living proof you can write your book in a soulful (and strategic) way.


You may know me as the creator of Lunar Abundance®. I'm also a published author -- in fact, I've had half a million of my own words published, beyond blogs, and have worked as a lawyer and professional editor. 

I've gone from scratching my head over a blank page to learning how to write joyfully and effectively, in a way that honours my own rhythms, natural cycles and feminine flow.


I bring together the yin and the yang in my work, and apply this to the writing process in a unique way, holding a structured space for creative inspiration to flow... an enjoyable process that produces results.


Of course, there's a lot more to getting a book out than simply writing it: that's just the beginning! I've navigated the entire publication and promotional process effectively, and understand how it all rolls.


I know the prospect of writing and publishing a book can seem overwhelming and confusing. 


You may wonder:

What if my writing is not good enough? What if I'm not good enough? What if people don't like it?

Not only will I answer this, I'll also answer:

How to find focus and direction? How to make sure it is readable? How to keep at it, and finish it?

How to go about publishing it? Editing? Legals? Marketing? What if no one reads it? (Or how will I cope with the visibility?)

How do I even start? What if I don’t ... gulp... even finish?


You may have heard that writing a book is hard. Gut-wrenchingly so.

Or, you may have been told it’s simply a matter of magically "manifesting" or “downloading” your book.

But I believe that neither view is quite true. In fact, there's a much bigger process at play.

Let me be your personal guide through the entire book writing process ... and beyond. 

Ezzie has a gift of laser sharp focus, clarity, and analysis- all wrapped in a gentle, compassionate, feminine way. 
— Dr Jennifer Mullan, NYC







With me as your guide, you’re getting a tried and tested roadmap, which I've used to publish my own book, and with clients – and which is 100% adaptable to your stage and situation.


This is a mentoring program delivered in my signature style, honed over 10+ years of client work: intellect blended with intuition, guidance and encouragement with honest feedback and practical strategy.


Think of me holding your hand through the entire process as we joyfully navigate (and celebrate) each milestone of your book journey.


Wherever you are up to in the book journey, we’ll tailor the program to you. We'll focus on which of the below five pillars of my book mentoring program will currently serve YOU and your book for the best chances of success.

Ezzie, you have such clarity on the important aspects of the book writing aspects and a very light and inspiring way of guiding and communicating me through that process.
— Jonas Faremo, Mindfulnesscoach and Conscious Business consultant/philosopher.




Pillar One: STARTING

·      Reverse engineer for success, with the right topic, and clear goals + intentions. 

·      Make your topic marketable (from the get-go) and ensure that is a useful book that will be read! 

·      Say ‘goodbye’ to writing fits and starts with a solid, focused project plan.

·      Cultivate confidence and overcome your resistance to starting.


Pillar Two: WRITING

·      Create an elegant outline -- all with my help.

·      Get words down in your first draft (I’ll keep you accountable and on track).

·      Refine quality subsequent drafts (Receive verbal feedback on content + structure along the way).

·      Polish it up ready for copyedits and proofing.

·      Master that balance between inspired, creative flow and real-world obligations.


Pillar Three: PUBLISHING

·      Create and implement a publishing plan specific to this book project (If you’re not sure if you should            self-publish or go traditional, we will work this out -- I want your eyes wide open on this one!).

·      Learn how to write a book proposal -- when to do it, and what happens next.

·      Feel confident that you are taking the right approach for your book.


Pillar Four: PROMOTING

·      Gather a group of eager readers and pre-orders before your book even lands on shelves. 

·      Devise a beautiful marketing plan (and start implementing it – a LOT sooner than you may think).

·      Develop confidence in sharing your message with the world, becoming more seen and heard.



·      Position your book to grow your impact, profit and profile.

·      Leverage your book from the beginning (too many aspiring authors miss this opportunity).

·      Fully reap the seeds that you have sown by investing the time and energy in your book dream.

Last month I had the immense good fortune and pleasure to have a session with Ezzie. From the moment I walked in I could feel her joy, support and belief in her gifts that she offers so generously and willingly. She immediately made me feel comfortable, confidant and was able to help me voice some very deep yearnings and knowingness which have been a bit dormant within my self. It was a very empowering and uplifting experience and Ezzie in a very short time helped to step into a place of knowing that I CAN DO IT!
— Rebecca, "Mama" of Naya Ubud Retreat Centre


The fee for the six month program is $5000. Payment plans are available.

I also offer 3 hour intensives via Skype, and an immersive Bali writing retreat (please contact me).

Your next step is simple.

Interested in working together?  

Please email me:

We’ll hop on a call to make sure we’re a great fit.

You will have a chance to ask any questions you have about the program, and I’ll make sure that I
am the best mentor for you. If it’s a GO, I’ll send you details about payment and booking.

You can also...

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Or click here to read my own book, and to find out more about my approach to writing, click here to listen to this interview with the Book Doctor, Caroline Donahue.


It's a delight for me to work with heartfelt aspiring authors to help usher important books into the world. 

I look forward to hearing from you! Ezzie Spencer, PhD.