Book Whispering Writing Retreat

with Dr Ezzie Spencer

Imagine an all-inclusive writing retreat in tropical paradise, devoted entirely to your book.


You’ve got an idea. You want to roll.

Perhaps you want to find CLARITY on your topic and key message.

Perhaps you really want to nail your outline (in peace!).


Perhaps you want to get that first draft DONE.


Or maybe you want to (finally) get that final draft ready.


But as much as you want to make serious progress, things keep getting in the way. Those real-world responsibilities (like family, work, dishes, laundry, clients, commitments etc) can make it impossible to bunker down to book-writing-business.

Wouldn’t it be lovely (and oh-so-productive) to step away from all your other duties and dig into your creative work?

Imagine a chunk of time – just for you and your book – to canoodle closely. No other worries. No competing obligations. Complete space and freedom.

Oh, and imagine you get to do it in the creative cauldron of BALI. With someone who knows it.

I’m Ezzie Spencer PhD. I’m an entrepreneur, the creator of Lunar Abundance and the author of An Abundant Life: Flourishing with the Cycles of the Moon.

I’d love you to experience the pleasure of an immersive writing experience guided by me in beautiful Bali.



You’re invited to my Bali Book Writing Retreat


This retreat is for busy women who’d love to step out of their full lives for a week to focus and write-write-write up a storm in tropical Bali. 


If taking a week away to be taken care of (entirely) in a luxurious location sounds like a dream come true…



It’s time to write your heart out.



A magical fairyland in Ubud, Bali.

Who: An intimate group of writers (will you be one of them?)


Ezzie is incredibly smart, articulate and intuitive. She also brought a lot of helpful business strategy in. As an experienced editor, Ezzie has a talent for seeing what’s working AND what’s missing in your manuscript. Ezzie helped me clarify my intentions so I can write purposefully, helped me see what I needed to do to help my reader engage more effectively with my book, and identified some issues for me to rectify so my book can have the impact on my reader AND on my business that I desire. A really powerful and inspiring intensive — thanks so much for your guidance Ezzie!
— Kerry Rowett, Kinesiologist and Creator of Align + Attract,

What will the retreat do for you?


·      Allow you the space to write your outline, first draft OR nail that final draft / proposal.

·      Receive my insights on content and strategy on the entire book process, and feedback on your work.

·      Give you many hours of solo writing time (completely undisturbed)

·      Fuel you with beautiful nourishing food (luscious organic food and teas)

·      Provide you with gorgeous accommodation (you don’t have to clean or cook for anyone!)

·      Connect you with other women writers who are there to get their words down too.

·      Give you the privacy of an entire retreat space (it’s booked out just for us)

·      Give you a permission slip to log off from your other commitments

·      Inspire and educate on my five Book Mentoring Pillars (stay focused and motivated with daily talks)

·      Stay in your body with optional yoga and massage.

What You’re Really Getting

The time and space to take a huge step forward as a writer.

A book outline nailed, the topic CLEAR, words down on paper, and confidence about your next steps.

 You’ll fly home from this week feeling an enormous sense of achievement.

You’ll have met some inspiring new connections and friends, and expanded into a greater sense of magic and possibility for your book. 


Ezzie is a modern alchemist, she looks at you with her sparkling eyes and commands your aliveness and authenticity. And she asks great questions. All are important when coaxing your book forward and center. Ezzie is a Book Whisperer and the best friend, cheerleader, coach you wish you had.
— Jocelyn Gordon, Creator of HoopYogini™ and Bhakti Boogie Yoga


Here’s what to expect:


·      The retreat will run Sunday to Friday (we'll start with an afternoon discussion and dinner on the Sunday).

·      An extra night of accommodation just to chill.

·      You’ll get morning talks on each of the 5 pillars of my Book Whispering program.

·      You’ll have 30 hours of solo writing time.

·      You’ll get the freedom to withdraw and write in your room or with other people in a co-working space.

·      You’ll be able to keep odd hours if that’s your preference.

·      You’ll have some internet connection for emails and research etc, but not enough Wi-Fi to distract you from getting down to work (this week is for you and your book).

Want a peak inside the retreat?


Here’s a sample itinerary:


Day 1 SUNDAY: Settle in and swoon over Bali’s beauty. Gather in circle to set intentions. Enjoy a delicious group dinner.


Day 2 MONDAY: Morning teaching on PILLAR 1. Solo writing time. Dinner.


Day 3 TUESDAY: Morning teaching on PILLAR 2. Solo writing time. Dinner.


Day 4 WEDNESDAY: Morning teaching on PILLAR 3. Solo writing time.  Optional evening sauna.


Day 5 THURSDAY: Morning teaching on PILLAR 4. Solo writing time. Dinner.


Day 6 FRIDAY: Morning teaching on PILLAR 5. Solo writing time. Closing Circle for reflections. 


Fun fact: I edited my book An Abundant Life: Flourishing with the Cycles of the Moon here at this very location. If you’ve got my book, you’ll notice many of the gorgeous photos are from this very same space!


Consider this: You may wish to stay on for a weekend – or a week (!) – to sample more Bali delights.



A sample day looks like:

7am: Solo writing time

8.30am: Solo writing / Breakfast (provided)

9.30-11am: Morning Pillar Teachings & Discussion

11am-1pm: Solo writing time

1-2pm: Lunch (provided)

2-5pm: Solo writing time

5-6pm: Optional yoga.

6-7pm: Dinner (provided)

7-9pm: Informal chats or solo writing.

9pm: Bedtime (Ubud time!)


Note: This is YOUR time, so if you’re on a writing roll you are not required to join us for chats or evening activities. There is no forced group involvement – only sumptuous opportunities for nourishing your creative process.

I have wanted to write for years, and been encouraged by friends and family to do so. I could never start the process for fear it would be an overwhelming, insurmountable years-long process.

Ezzie brings such a perfect balance to the process that allows me to tap into my own inner flow – where my writing comes from – while also utilizing the intellectual/rational processes associated with writing a book. I have never had anyone sit with me and make the process of diving into my book-writing feel this light.
— Mona Motwani

Your Investment

is inclusive of retreat accommodation, airport transfer + meals.

The 2017 retreat sold out -- please click below to:


Private villas near Ubud.  

Rooms vary but all are beautiful with a touch of rustic jungle.

The rooms are all single occupancy, some with shared bathroom and some with private bathrooms.

These rooms are allocated upon our discussion -- so jump in quick for your pick!

This space is a sanctuary of beauty, located on a completely magic piece of land. Surrounded by lush jungle, open rice-fields and with a view of the mountains you are welcomed into a genuine sense of Bali, in every way possible. The houses stand out as a design fusion of Scandinavian simplicity and Balinese antique intricacy. 


This Writing Retreat is perfect for you, if:


·      You’re serious about getting down to write in an immersive setting.

·      You’re craving the perfect mix of creative solitude and companionship.

·      You love Bali and the idea of writing in a holiday setting appeals.

·      You'd love access to me, a published author + creative entrepreneur, for questions and chats.

·      You need space from your other commitments to achieve real progress (this is created for you!)



Next step

If writing your book in heaven on earth (can you tell I’m in love with Bali?) feels rather delicious, please email me:

We'll hop on a call to work out whether this retreat is a fit for you! If it's a GO, I'll send details for the payment of the deposit, plus questionnaires to activate the process for you fully! 

I loved how approachable and fun Ezzie makes the whole of idea of writing a book. She has a natural lightness and freedom in her essence that comes through and inspires, and her practical and down-to-earth writing prompts helped me get clarity on why I’m writing and for whom. Thanks Ezzie! Highly recommended.
— Christabel Zamor, Breath of Bliss Academy,